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저희 학생들의 학습환경은 지적인 열정으로 충전되어 있습니다. 학생들은 자신의 학습 로드맵에 따라 최고의 튜터들과 학습의 기회를 얻고 있습니다. 5G 미래 기술을 토대로 학생들은 핵심교과목에서 학습 능력을 개발하고 다양한 선택과목과 독립적인 연구를 통해 지적 열정을 공급합니다. 학생들은 자신들이 연구한 내용을 글로 표현하는 것을 배우며 자신들의 의견을 방어할 수 있는 기술과 자신감을 배웁니다. 독립적인 학습방법 속에 5G시대에 맞는 학습방법을 통해 학생들은 더 많은 정보의 분석과 함께 개인화된 지식을 데이터베이스화 할 수 있습니다.

Our learning environment is filled with intellectual compassion. Students will get opportunities of learning with the best tutors based on their academic roadmap. With 5G technology, students will develop abilities on fundamental courses of the curriculum and replenish their motivation through elective classes and independent research. Students will also learn how to express their research knowledge through writings and gain techniques to assert oneself with confidence. Under independent, personalized research programs and learning apparatus suitable for the contemporary 5G generation, students will collect and organize knowledge along with more analysis of information



DepartmentCredit Required Other Information
Mathmatics4Simple content
Computer Science4A Computer Science course must be taken each year.
SCIENCE3STEM Research Education is an educational program in which students study topics in bio, medical, chemical, environment, programming, documentary development, and food industry to prepare research papers.
English4An English course must be taken each year.
Social Sciences2United States History is required.
World Language2At least two years must be taken in a single language.
Fine Arts1Learn photo and digital photo shop.


Test to be completed by 11th grade

MathematicsMath2C 700 points or higher
ScienceSAT subject Test Biology or Chemistry 700 points or higher
EnglishACT English 22 points or higher
Social SciencesSAT subject Test World History or U.S History 700 points or higher

Students who finish 11th grade can transfer to the 12th grade of the U.S. Boarding School where they are collaborating.

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