Computer Science Department

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Introduction to Computer ProgrammingComputer Programming 1Computer Programming 2Computer Programming 4
Game Design
Computer Programming 3Applied Engineering & Design

Introduction to Computer Programming

This course is an introduction to computer programming using different programming languages
such as Python, and working with microcomputers such as the Raspberry Pi.

Computer Programming 1

This is a project-based computer programming introductory course in which the student will learn the basics of programming and various topics on game development such as user control, graphics, and character intelligence.
The student is able to master object-oriented programming through second semester projects that allow exploration of more advanced topics on the student’s own choice.

Computer Programming 2

This course is for students who have already taken Computer Programming 1 or who already know the materials taught in it. The course includes more advanced programming concepts such as data structures, database coding, recursion, pathfinding algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, networking, graphical user interfaces, web programming, and control systems. The content of the class is adjusted every year to match the interests of the students. Students will learn these concepts in languages such as Java and PHP, and even use Arduino and Raspberry Pi to create real life projects.

Computer Programming 3

This course focuses on the real-world applications of programming through projects on developing mobile applications using iOS or Android. It generally encourages the student to use various languages including Swift, Java, SQL, and PHP to design their project. Some of their apps even get published on the Google Play Store and iTunes for free.

Computer Programming 4

This course will be focused on the concept of artificial intelligence as well as mathematical concepts in programming such as linear algebra. Using various programming languages, the student will finish two major projects that include the use of new technologies and artificial intelligence. These projects are a good engineering experience for the students as they work their way through finishing their projects. (Prerequisite: computer Programming 2).

Applied Engineering & Design

This hands-on course focuses on the engineering process of designing and creating solutions for real world problems.
Students investigate how simple machines, toys, and devices function and learn basic engineering skills such as electronic circuits and systems design.
Students will experience the full product design process – writing proposals.

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