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English 1

English I explores British literature starting from early Anglo-Saxon epics to contemporary British, drama, poetry, and fiction. Analysis of literary works to understand their meanings and impact is critical to this course, and students will enhance their skills in literature through open discussions and assignments that require critical thinking skills. Grammatical reviews of topics such as parts of speech, phrases, clauses, and sentence syntax build the foundation for effective writing, reading, speaking, and listening skills. Students will also learn about the basic structure of academic essays, strengthened through prewriting and revision. MLA formatting and citation are introduced.

Honors English 1

Honors English I follows a similar path as English I, but it advances the topics dealt in English I and further develops the students’ reading comprehension skills and critical thinking skills through materials with more difficulty. In-class discussions, debates, and memorizing advanced vocabulary will prepare the students in Honors English I for literature pieces which will be dealt in latter classes. Placement in this course is determined by the students’ academic performances, writings, and the official test scores from SSAT.

English 2

English II moves on from British and Anglo-Saxon literature and places an emphasis on literatures of the world, covering a number of topics. It begins from the 20th century African literature, including the topic of colonization and its influence. It researches Hellenistic poetry and drama during the classical past and short stories and poetry from modern Middle East and India. Students also analyze Latin American literature and poetic traditions of East Asia. The course concludes with a survey of non-Anglophone literature from the Middle Ages to the present. These materials provide an opportunity for the students to utilize primary and secondary sources to support their arguments in their essays and projects. Course begins from constructing short in-class essays and elaborates into longer, revised essays and independent and group projects.

Honors English 2

As per the guidelines of Honors English classes, students are required to have the skills to lead in-class discussions and debates about the materials that they cover throughout the course. This course covers a variety of genres of literature such as novels, plays, poetry, epics, short stories, essays, memoirs, and secondary scholarly argument of different continents and regions around the world. Students are expected to comprehend complex literary symbols, metaphors, and their influence on contemporary literature. Students begin to gather and organize different pieces of evidence from both primary and secondary sources to back up their arguments, and they deliver their arguments through in-class presentations, long essays, and creative projects. Placement in this course is determined by the students’ grades, the teachers’ recommendations, and the official test scores from the PSAT.

English 3

This course broadly explores different topics dealt in American literature, beginning from the works published in the 17th century and ending with writings published within the last 20 years. Students analyze different sub-genres of non-fiction and fiction, and comprehend the relativeness of each literary works. Analysis of the literature underscores the importance of craft techniques and how they are connected to the delivery of the main theme of the works. Outside influences, such as the social, historical, and biographical contexts are also learned. In addition to analyzing literature, English III prepares the students for SAT and ACT by helping them to learn professional essay-crafting skills and general reading comprehension. Students will also write different styles of writings throughout this course and learn more about brainstorming, outlining, and writing in detail. One critical assignment of this course is the research paper, which requires the students to utilize MLA formatting, choosing a topic, gathering evidences, building an outline, and writing & revising the essay throughout the semester.

Honors English 3

Honors English III advances upon the topics discussed in English III and expands the students’ understanding to other minor genres of literature that had a significant impact on the American society. Students will read and analyze celebrated fictions and non-fictions such as Mrs. Dalloway by Virginia Woolf and The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy. In comparison with English III, in which students have to finish a research paper throughout the semester, students in Honors English III will lead an independent creative project in which the students will teach others about a specific author and one of his/her literary works.

English 4

English IV covers the remainder of literary topics that were not dealt in the previous 3 classes such as Literary Mysteries, Modernism, and Renaissance Literature. Throughout the course, students will continue to hone their skills in critical reading and writing, verbal communications, and researching. This class reinforces the students’ preparedness for upcoming major writing assignments, such as College Applications or Writing sections of various official tests for college admission.

College Essay Writing

College Essay Writing class is designed to provide mentoring for students for college admission essays. Teachers in this class will provide students with step-by-step guidance and specific techniques required to craft college admissions essays. Students will learn skills to create a dynamic personal profile that smoothly fits into specific prompts that colleges require from the students.

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