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Digital Imaging + Design
Advanced Portfolio: Photography Digital Imaging

Photography Digital Imaging + Design

This is an introductory course in which students will explore the history of photography from its analog age to the current digital period as well as the art of picture-making. The students will learn concepts of exposure by using a digital camera and eventually get to use a 35mm film camera. Students will practice the art of seeing and photography through hands-on projects that can deepen their expressive abilities. In the second half of this course, students will shift to using DSLRs and different industry standard programs including Adobe Bridge and Photoshop.

Advanced Portfolio: Photography | Digital Imaging

This course is an advanced continuation for Photography Digital Imaging students who wish to create their own series of work and explore photography and digital imaging in depth. Students will create their own portfolios with their own work. Those who are interested could complete requirements for Advanced Placement Studio Art 2-D Design portfolio credit while taking this course.

Students will learn by conversing with one another’s, critiques and field trips.
(Prerequisite: At least one, and preferably more than one, advanced semester elective, or permission of the department.)

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