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Latin I

This course is an introductory Latin course that includes the study of the Latin language and Greco-Roman culture. The goal of the course is to teach students how to read Latin literature. To do so, the students learn basic grammar and syntax in connection to English and different cultural elements. The student will develop skills to be able to read and comprehend adapted Latin passages.

Latin II

This course is a continuation of Latin 1 and it studies the language and Greco-Roman culture. The goal of this course is to prepare students to read intermediate-level Latin literature. To do so, students learn more complex functions of grammar and syntax as they become more familiar with the nuances of language.

Latin III

This course is the combination of concepts that students have learn in their first two years of Latin. By reading advanced Latin literature about early Rome, poems by Roman writers, excerpts from Roman prose, and scenes from Roman plays, students will learn how to read in both prose and poem. They will learn how to identify different figures of speech and styles, and analyze the themes of the work they read.

Mandarin I

Chinese is the world’s most spoken language. Understanding this widely spoken language and Chinese culture will help students see the world from a new point of view. This course is designed to introduce students to modern Chinese and Chinese culture. The course focuses on four basic skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Students will learn how to read and write Chinese characters in the right order. Students will be encouraged to engage in simple conversations to further their skills.


Mandarin II

This course is a continuation of Mandarin I to further advance the students’ skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing Chinese. Students will be given assignments to write short essays and create skits demonstrating Chinese pop culture. It is mandatory for Mandarin II students to participate in different Chinese extracurricular activities including Chinese tables, Chinese language contests, and International Day. This course’s goal is to prepare students well above a College-level introductory Mandarin Chinese class. 

Mandarin III

This course is for students who have excelled in Mandarin II or have a deep understanding of the language. Mandarin will be mostly used in class in which students lead discussions and communicate with native speakers in the school community. The course aims to prepare students to read and write short articles without the use of pinyin and have fluent conversations with native speakers.

Mandarin IV

This course is for students who have excelled in Mandarin III or are comfortable with the Mandarin language. Students are expected to discuss somewhat complex ideas using Mandarin Chinese and lead various extracurricular activities. This course ultimately aims to prepare the student to be able to write papers and give presentations on topics they have researched. Furthermore, the students will be able to use Chinese to discuss Chinese traditional and contemporary culture with native speakers.

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