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Algebra IGeometryAlgebra II
Honors Algebra II
Honors Pre-Calculus
Advanced Calculus AB
GeometryAlgebra II
Honors Algebra II
Honors Pre-Calculus
CalculusAdvanced Calculus BC
Algebra II
Honors Algebra II
Honors Pre-Calculus
CalculusHonors Statistics
Honors Pre-Calculus
CalculusHonors StatisticsHonors Calculus

Algebra I

Algebra I is a mathematics course that 9th grade students usually take in high school. Algebra I deals with concepts such as the real number system and basic algebraic properties, which build the foundation for advanced mathematics classes. It introduces other mathematical topics, including graphing, radical numbers, rational expressions, solving linear, quadratic, radical, and fractional equations, exponents, inequalities, simplification and factoring expressions.


Geometry follows after Algebra I and discusses about geometric concepts and reasoning through various means. Visualizing and analyzing geometric relationships in different dimensions is one of the fundamental aspects of Geometry, allowing the students to develop reasoning skills. Using various shapes, properties, principles, and formulas throughout the course, Geometry will foster an appreciation for the structure of mathematics, which could also be applied to the real world. Concepts dealt in this class contain properties such as polygons, angles, lines, areas, volumes, and three-dimensional shapes.

Algebra II / Honors Algebra II

Prerequisites: Completion of Algebra I and Geometry

Algebra II continues the pursuit of basic algebraic knowledge introduced in Algebra I, and discusses such topics as linear, quadratic, rational, and polynomial functions; systems of equations; complex numbers, and basic trigonometry. Honors Algebra II advances from basic concepts and formula-solving and requires the students to solve problems regarding right and circular trigonometry and statistics. Independent projects and real-world problems are also an essential part of the Honors program. 


Prerequisites: Completion of Algebra II 

Pre-Calculus, as its name suggests, prepares the students for Calculus by working with functions, graphs, trigonometry, and probability. Limits are also introduced in Pre-Calculus, and calculators are required to take this course. 

Honors Pre-Calculus

Prerequisites: Completion of Algebra II/Honors Algebra II 

Elaborating from the fundamental concepts learned from Pre-Calculus, Honors Pre-Calculus contains advanced functions, analytic geometry, and trigonometry and data analysis. The course strongly emphasizes on applications of concepts and applying them to the real world. Other concepts such as sequences, series, and vectors are covered, and this course is recommended for students who have a strong set of skills in algebra and advanced mathematics. 

Honors Statistics

Prerequisite: Completion of Algebra II

The main goal of Honors Statistics is to guide the students to learn how to analyze, collect, interpret, and draw conclusions from numerical data, and applying the knowledge earned through the class to real-world applications. The course covers data analysis, design, probability, and statistical inference. The foundation of statistics, ranging from basic understanding of probability to gathering evidence required to make valid statistical conclusions, is explored in this class through real-life applications of actual data collected from polls, studies, and experiments. Using data from global studies and researches will certainly contribute to the students’ building global awareness and motivation to learn.

Honors Calculus

Honors Calculus underscores the development of the student’s capability to deal with concepts of limits and differential calculus, and it expands upon the student’s background knowledge that the student has earned in Pre-Calculus. This class strongly emphasizes various approaches to calculus with means such as problems, applications, and principles expressed graphically, numerically, analytically, and verbally.

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