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STEM 8PhysicsChemistryHonor Chemistry
BiologyHonor Biology
Physics IPhysics IIPhysics C: Mech/E&M

STEM 8 Required for all 8th Graders.
STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) is a project-based course that leads students to solve problems by using technological/engineering design. This course promotes inquiry approach through which students can seek out information and understand natural phenomena by asking explorative questions. Students are also encouraged to design, build, and to test novel solutions to real world problems through different hands-on projects.


Prerequisite: Algebra I; For rising 9th graders: B+ in previous science course This course introduces students to chemical principles and concepts and how they work. Some of the topics covered include atomic structure, chemical bonding, and different states of matter. This class will have regular laboratory classwork

Honor Chemistry

Prerequisites: B+ in Algebra II or B in Algebra II Honors, B+ in Biology or B in Biology Honors, and A- in Chemistry or B+ in Chemistry Honors This course is relative to a high school AP Chemistry course designed to cover college level general chemistry material. The course includes topics including matter, reactions, and descriptive chemistry. This course is additionally centered on regular laboratory work as it aims to improve the student’s chemistry lab skills.


This course is an introductory biology course that also covers genetics and human biology. Some of the topics gone over during class are life on Earth, the study of cells, genetics, and human biology.


This course introduces the student to the basics of physics through topics such as the mechanics of motion, force, energy, thermodynamics, fluids, and wave. The student will explore various topics through classroom lectures, lab assignments, and discussions.

Physics I

Prerequisites: B+ in Geometry and concurrently enrolled in Algebra II or Algebra II Honors.
This course is equivalent to a high school AP Physics I course or a introductory college-level physics course that is based on algebra. Students can explore the world of Physics as they go over topics such as Mechanics; waves and sound; and simple circuits.

Physics C: Mech/E&M

Prerequisites: Students should have taken or be concurrently taking calculus.
This course covers both Mechanics and E&M of Physics. Mechanics is equivalent to a one-semester, calculus-based college physics course. This course can be helpful to students planning on majoring in physics or any engineering field. The first semester covers mechanical topics including kinematics, force, work, momentum, circular motion, etc. The second semester covers topics in Electricity and Magnetism such as electrostatics, conductors, capacitors, complex circuits, magnetic fields, etc. Calculus will be used throughout both semesters to explain concepts and in calculation. Students who complete this course will be prepared to take the AP Physics C: Mechanics and AP Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism exams. Labs make up 20% of the course grade.

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