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Modern World History

Modern World History, in contrast to general World History, explores the social and historical topics of the contemporary society. Comparing the modern society with that of the medieval world, the students will understand the importance of the development of recent technologies and the transformation of knowledge and how they impact Europe, Asia, Africa, and Americas.

European History

European History begins from the history of Ancient Ireland, Greece, and Rome, and progresses through the Middle Ages. After briefly discussing about the causes of Renaissance, students will cover the characteristics and trends of the Renaissance, Absolutism, the French Revolution, and WWI. Students will deal with the contents in various apparatus including in-class presentations, discussions, lectures, writing and oral reflections.

World History

In World History, students study the development of civilizations and societies from the beginning of the human race (beginning 8,000 B.C.E.) to the 1980s. This course turns away from the traditional reputation of history classes, which includes a lot of memorizing of facts, personalities, and events, and focuses on the overall trend and themes in the course of history. Mastery of key concepts and themes will allow the students to have a better understanding of history and grow skills as professional historians. This way of learning will allow the students to excel in organizing historical evidence, chronological reasoning, comparison and contextualization, historical interpretation, and synthesis.


This course on economics researches the practical aspects of the American economic system, ranging from the basic concepts to key characteristics of American capitalism including the stock market. Students will also be able to understand the global trend of international economies and integrate them with the American economy, the changing trends of supply and demand, the role of Federal Reserve System in American society, and the general role of banks in modern economy.


Psychology surpasses beyond high-level and teaches the students about the major theories and principles of psychology through research designs, projects, discussions, and lessons. Some of the topics discussed in this course include cognition, neurobiology, development of the human mind, behaviorism, socio-culturalism, and mental health. Students enrolled in this class will be expected to work in groups and teams to foster collaboration and leadership. As a group, students will grow the skills of critically reflecting theories and experimental results throughout the course. It might be helpful for students to take Chemistry and Biology before taking this class, but those classes are not requirements for this course.

United States History

United States History is a college-level course that teaches the history of the United States from the European influence on the Americas around early 13th century and late 20th century America. Students are required to make connections between different time periods and presidents, and the class puts a strong emphasis on the role of women and other minorities throughout the development of United States.

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